Running Shaadi

Taapsee Pannu, Amit Sadh, Arsh Bajwa
Shoojit Sircar, Crouching Tiger Motion Pictures
Amit Roy
Romantic Comedy

Running Shaadi has a great central idea but falters in its development and despite being truly ambitious, falls in the predictable zone.

The film starts on a cheerful note as it introduces its refreshing new on-screen jodi. Nimmi (Taapsee Pannu) is a feisty young school girl from Amritsar, whose carefree attitude has landed her in trouble. She has missed her period after casual sex with a boy from her school and now has come to her confidant – Ram Bharose (Amit Sadh) for help. Bharose is a simpleton from Patna and an employee in Nimmi’s father’s shop, who is clearly smitten by her. Post the incident Nimmi too falls in love with Bharose, however, as soon as she moves on to college, she prefers the company of her new cool amigos and once again friend-zones Bharose. One fine day, a frustrated Bharose, after a fight with Nimmi’s father, quits his job and says yes to a marriage alliance in his hometown fixed by his uncle. Simultaneously he also stumbles upon a breakthrough idea — a web portal to help lovers elope —

He along with his computer savvy friend — Cyberjeet (Arsh Bajwa), sets up his website business, which only help couples elope but also gets them married. Life is pretty much sorted for Bharose, his business is running smoothly and he is all set to wed in two weeks’ time. But the virus of his life, aka Nimmi, once again walks in to create mayhem. She wants Bharose to help her run away with her supposed boyfriend Shunty.

Until now, debutant director Amit Roy nicely holds the audience’s attention with his quirky characters, the North Indian flavour, genuinely laugh out loud moments, a good pace and energy. However, as the film treads towards its second half, the story twists and turns and contorts to get the lead pair together  - thus losing its momentum.

The problem lies largely with the screenplay, which loses its grip in the second half and despite some funny moments, it falls flat. Moreover, due to a legal hassle, the film titled was changed to Running Shaadi at the last minute and all the scenes where the actors are saying “.com” are blurred and muted, which makes the film look a little untidy.

However, it’s the performances that help you sail through the film. Taapsee Pannu is in the top form and completely owns her lively character. She is a delight to watch. Amit Sadh as a Bihari boy excels and delivers a believable performance. However, though the duo looks good together and is excellent in their parts, they don’t really burn up the screen with their chemistry. Arsh Bawja aptly complements this odd couple and shows flashes of genuine talent. The rest of the supporting cast too performs well.


On the whole, Running Shaadi has some really good moments but they are not enough to keep the audience entertained throughout.     

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  1. Manish, I do not think G3 is the weakest pruocdt. In fact except NG, like I ve mentioned before, who ever I have met and discussed about the movie, have had good things to say. Especially that it delivers what it promises, wholesome entertainment. And as much as we\'d love to call it mindless, I think there are a number of witty lines in the movie, that I think score better than a constantly repeated Aawaaz Neeche and require a stop-and-think process to know where they actually came from.Situations presented are funny, actors seemed in great form, even the sidekicks provided the laughs this time! A few scenes went overboard, but I think you dont mind them cos this is no MNIK or a OUATIM!

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