Jolly LLB 2

Akshay Kumar, Annu Kapoor, Saurabh Shukla, Huma Qureshi, Kumud Mishra, Sanjay Mishra, Sayani Gupta
Fox Star Studios
Subhash Kapoor
Satirical Comedy

An engrossing premise, intriguing characters, great performances, some dark humour and a strong message to deliver — Jolly LLB 2 is packaged fantastically. And though the film defies logic to a certain extent, its engaging content succeeds in capturing the audience’s attention and holds it until the end credits roll.

The movie arrests you with the beginning scene itself as Jagdishwar Mishra aka Jolly (Akshay Kumar), a lawyer by profession is delivering answers to an entire bunch of students appearing for an English exam on a mike. Within minutes it is established that Jolly is a lawyer, assisting a big shot Lucknowi lawyer and dreams of owning an individual chamber for himself. His desire to open his own chambers is so strong that he is willing to go to any length for it and eventually even realizes his dream — but at what cost? Jolly’s one move lands him in the middle of a tragedy that takes away his sleep and pricks his consciousness. Jolly’s redemption takes place in the courtroom as he ends up fighting his first big case against the plagued system.

Writer-director Subhash Kapoor’s screenplay may not be completely flawless but it does have a decent structure, plenty of good dialogues, witty humour and some memorable sequences. Akshay cooking a meal for his wife, the opening sequence, the banter between Annu Kapoor and Akshay’s character, the scene where Akshay wipes the face of a young boy, who cleaned his scooter, Saurabh Shukla dancing on Alia Bhatt’s ‘Gulaabo’ song… Jolly LLB 2 has many such small moments that make this courtroom drama compelling. Towards the climax, the drama does become a bit too much, but honestly, the film is entertaining enough to ignore a few flaws.   

But what really makes this satirical a standout is its characters. Director Subhash Kapoor has packed the film with some delightful characters. Jolly provides an opportunity for Akshay Kumar to deliver one of his finest and strongest performances. Annu Kapoor as Jolly’s nemesis — Mathur, a renowned Lucknowi lawyer, is brilliant. But truly, the show stealer here is Saurabh Shukla as judge Sundar Lal Tripathi. With utmost ease, he mouths the funniest dialogues, discusses his daughter’s wedding lehenga in the courtroom, declares his love for Alia Bhatt and even comments that she is Mahesh Bhatt’s best contribution to cinema after Saaransh… Saurabh Shukla is a pure delight to watch. Huma Qureshi has a small part and does a decent job. The movie is also full of finely tuned supporting performances. Kudos to Subhash Kapoor for bringing out the best from each of his actors and making a strong comment on the Indian judiciary system amid all this humour.

No doubt, Jolly LLB2 has a lot of drama but it also has a lot of truth, which along with the performances, dialogues, and the plot, just works wonderfully. 

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