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Aditya Chopra, Sharat Katariya

In an attempt to be contemporary and in synch with the young and carefree spirit of the millennials, casual liaisons have majorly caught the fancy of Bollywood filmmakers.  Aditya Chopra’s Befikre is one such effort to capture the hook-up - hang out - break-up essence of modern day relationships, where saying “I love you”, spells the end of all the fun. While the concept does seem appealing and the film even boasts of some really bold scenes, Befikre lacks the soul and is extremely glib.

Set in the world’s most romantic city, Paris, the film revolves around two carefree souls – Shyraa (Vaani Kapoor) and Dharam (Ranveer Singh). Shyraa is a modern-day Parisian girl with Indian parents, who is okay with casual sex, live-in-relationships, no commitments, is emotionally detached, and break-ups don’t break her heart… basically, she is a typical French girl (at least, that is what the movie implies strongly). Dharam is a goofy, often desperate, stand-up comedian who hooks up with Shyraa on his first day in Paris for some roll in the hay.

The narratives oscillate between past and present — giving us a glimpse of how these Befikres painted the town red, literally, with their crazy antics to being unable to stand each other in a live-in-relationship and finally calling it quits.

While the makers of Befikre do make a genuine attempt to move away from its signature style swiss-alps romances, at heart it’s still a Yash raj film and it can never flout the golden rule that dominates most of its stories i.e. Love.  So even though our protagonists make a promise to – Ne dis jamais je t’aime, they can’t escape falling in love with each other. How these confused estranged ‘hawas ke pujaris’ become friends and finally lovers, more or less make for the second half of the film.  

The film follows a well-worn rom-com path.  There’s nothing here that you haven’t seen a million times before, but that’s not the problem. The problem is the script and half-baked characters, who don’t seem to have any chemistry. Somehow one just can’t fathom that a girl who has a blithe attitude towards love, regards marriage as an ultimate bond of togetherness.

Writer-director Aditya Chopra, who is back to direction after eight years does try to construct a modern-day relationship, even offers quite a lot of hot and steamy scenes, but unfortunately just stumbles through it all. Finally leaving behind an insipid picture with two attractive people that never really connects on any level.  Furthermore, in an attempt to shrug off the conservative cloak, the film also briefly shows how a relationship between the same gender is absolutely normal but in the very next scene, it makes a lame joke on gays. Wonder if we will ever get mature about showing homosexuality onscreen without reducing it to a just-for-laughs segment.

Ranveer Singh is his usual zany self throughout the film and he makes Dharam affable despite the goofiness. Vaani Kapoor as Shyraa, who claims to be a French girl but at the end of the day is Indian at heart, comes across alright.

Finally, despite being shallow, the movie does have its moments and there are some genuine laughs too.

Watch it only if you don’t mind frivolous romantic tales, need a tour of Paris city and if you ever had a sheepish desire to see Ranveer Singh’s BUTT. Yeah, the man uninhibitedly gives us a glimpse of his buns.

PS: Shah Rukh Khan, Ranveer definitely doesn’t need any padded underwear.   

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