Ok Jaanu

Aditya Roy Kapur, Shraddha Kapoor, Naseeruddin Shah, Leela Samson
Dharma Productions, Madras Talkies
Shaad Ali
Romantic Drama

Ok Jaanu is laden with clichés, but the sweet, simple, light-hearted romantic comedy is enjoyable and has several moments that manage to touch a chord

Yeah, with Mani Ratnam behind the screenplay of the film, you go in the cinema hall expecting a rare treat, but what’s served is the usual tried and tested concoction with a slightly different presentation. However, it’s not all that bad either.

The film starts out with a peppy, colourful spiritedness, and the early scenes between our protagonists – Adi (Aditya), a video game developer and Tara (Shraddha), an aspiring architect are delightful. Adi and Tara are instantly attracted to each other but they are not keen on a conventional relationship that culminates into a wedlock, as they both believe “Shaadi is for fools.” While Adi’s reasons for not wanting to get married are not highlighted, the writers did put in an effort to explain Tara’s avoidance of the emotional bond. 

So, what do you do when you want to be together, yet not want to be tied down by matrimony? Live-in! While the conservative mindset of our Indian society is yet to warm up to the idea of living together before the sanctimonious knot-tying ceremony; for a lot of youngsters today, it has become a way of living, and you really wish that the film had explored that bold thought daringly. However, Ok Jaanu is not as radical as it wants to be and ends up being yet another sweet romantic comedy, with a general story that we’ve more or less seen a bunch of times already.

What’s really interesting though is the subtle love story between the elderly couple — Gopi Shrivastav (Naseeruddin) and Charulata (Leela Samson), which runs parallelly with Adi and Tara’s romantic track. A little like The Notebook, their beautiful bond is extremely endearing. However, the linear screenplay doesn’t explore their relationship too much. And though the film moves at a great space, there are plenty of loopholes in the narratives. The film doesn’t have any major ups and downs and even the conflict between its protagonist comes across pretty weak. And, as the film moves towards its climax it dives straight into a predictable zone.

But Ok Jaanu does have plenty of lovely moments to compensate for all its failings. That apart what makes the film work is the performances. Aditya Roy Kapoor, for a change is portraying a lighter character and is easy on the eye. He has a likeable charisma and does a fine job of portraying a carefree young lad. Shraddha is not only looking lovely but also delivers a fine performance. What’s more, the Aashiqui 2 jodi exudes a strong chemistry that makes it hard for you to not fall for them as a couple. Naseer and Leela nicely support the film and help you keep that smile on your face with their adorableness. Director Shaad Ali has not only captured the various emotions of his characters but also the vibrant charm of Mumbai city in his film.         

On the whole, Ok Jaanu is an enjoyable affair with some genuinely funny moments.  

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