Happy Bhaag Jayegi

Diana Penty, Abhay Deol, Jimmy Shergil, Ali Fazal, Momal Sheikh, Piyush Mishra, Kanwaljit Singh
Anand L. Rai, Krishika Lulla
Mudassar Aziz
Mudassar Aziz
Drama, Romance, Comedy

A runaway bride, three besotted lovers and a whole bunch of quirky characters drive this happy-go-lucky vehicle forward. And while they do encounter a few bumps here and there, the overall ride is pretty good.

The innate charm of Happy Bhag Jayegi is its simplicity and pace. The movie doesn’t fall into the trap of overtly decorated characters, fancy larger-than-life settings, artistic shots etc.. Rather the joyride begins with enthusiasm. packing all its characters together, transporting them to-and-fro between India and Pakistan, and entertaining the audience with ample of laughter inducing moments.

Written and directed by Mudassar Aziz, Happy Bhag Jayegi is a comedy of errors revolving around the carefree runaway bride – Happy (Diana Penty). Happy’s wedding is arranged to Bagga (Jimmy), an aspiring politician. However, Happy who is in love with Guddu (Ali), is not at all happy with her father’s (Kanwaljit) choice of groom. So what she does do? Well, she disowns her heels, slips on a pair of running shoes and jumps in a truck to go to her Guddu. But our Happy accidently lands in a truck that transports her across the border, to Lahore, Pakistan.

It is here where we are introduced to another bunch of characters including Bilal (Abhay Deol), a wannabe cricketer at heart but forced to be a politician and his fiancé, an uptight Zoya (Momal Sheikh). While the feisty Happy abrupts their smooth sailing life, she also manages to steal Bilal’s heart, who is willing to do anything to re-unite her with her beau Guddu. And while doing so he makes his fiancé insecure about her standing in his life.

Though romantic comedies are never exactly bastions of realism, ​Happy Bhaag Jayegi ​does not really jolt you wit its illogical scheme of events - despite its crazy plot where the film’s leading lady accidently lands in the neighbouring country, the cast too very easily cross borders and creates a complete chaos and ruckus in another country, a Hindu wedding in the midst of 100 other brides and grooms gathered together for a Nikah.

Set in India and Pakistan, the plot is cliché-laden but surprisingly keeps you entertained all thanks to its witty dialogues and well-written comic situations. Some of them are simply dazzling. Like the one where Piyush Mishra, who is playing a Pakistani officer Afridi is hesitant to step his foot on the Indian soil, another scene which too involves this fantastic actor along with Guddu discussing Urdu, is hilariously brilliant. Especially when Piyush comments — Ask me about anything except Kashmir.

The film projects that Pakistan or the Pakistanis are no different than us and, of course, very subtly packs the message — Love thy neighbour.

However, what the film lacks is a believable chemistry. There is no chemistry between Diana’s and Ali’s character, or even between Diana and Abhay’s character. In fact, there are no solid scenes that establish the fact that Bilal has fallen in love with Happy. But the humour and the star cast make up for that loss.

Diana as the rebellious and carefree Happy is competent. Abhay as Bilal is charming and easy on the eye. Pakistani actress Momal Sheikh makes an impressive Bollywood debut. However, the show stealers are undoubtedly Jimmy Shergill and Piyush Mishra. Jimmy who is the antagonist in the film is brilliant. His dance number in the beginning of the film will have you in splits. Piyush Mishra with his impeccable Urdu diction is a comic sparkle, the man is a delight to watch on the screen.

All in all, Happy Bhag Jayegi is a cute, light-hearted, and entertaining movie with some good scenes. Definitely not the best of its genre but a good happy pill to chill with family and friend over the weekend.

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