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Batla House

By Shubarna Mukerji Shu Tuesday, Aug 20, 2019 06:34: PM
John Abraham, Mrunal Thakur, Manish Chaudhary
Nikhil Advani

Batla House Synopsis (Story)

There is mayhem all over, people are being killed and the police has decided it is time to take the matters into control. ACP Sanjay Kumar (John Abraham) and his team of executioners take on the task to put these terrorists to rest. The mission is accomplished. Yet, ACP Sanjay Kumar goes under intense scrutiny for killing two alleged Indian Mujahideen operatives and arresting one at Batla House in Delhi. And there are two more who managed to escape and are on the run. Instead of feeling accomplished and victorious, the team suddenly finds itself striving hard to defend their deeds. The media, activists and politicians allege whatever happened at house number L -18, on September 19 of 2008, was nothing but a fake encounter. ACP and his team try their best to prove them otherwise and also attempt to nab the two operatives that have escaped! But the question remains, did our police kill the innocent? Will the ACP be able to justify his stance?

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