We all belong to one industry - Indian Film Industry: Ram Charan

Mega Star Ram Charan speaks eloquently on his pan-India film choices and how lines are being blurred with regards to regional and national cinema. 

Ever since Mega Power Star Ram Charan started his promotional spree for RRR, fans and audiences alike have been left in awe of his stylish and suave demeanour and mostly importantly intellect. Every appearance, interview and talk show has left a lasting impression on the minds of the audience that Ram Charan, the Pan India star is here and there is no looking back. 

With all his upcoming  films like RRR, RC 15, RC 16 being pan-India, Ram Charan has succeeded cementing a fact among people that there is only one common language across the country and it is the language of cinema. 

In an interesting interview, Ram Charan stated that, “RRR is very much a Hindi film as it is a Telugu film, it is pan-India film,” the actor explains, “Today, thanks to efforts by a lot of filmmakers, especially Rajamouli, the gates of this industry have opened. We have stopped being regional and we have become a part of one big Indian film industry, the barriers are broken. So, as and when an opportunity comes, why not, I will do any film. The scale of RRR, and how many languages the film will release in will break all barriers. It is all about the excitement.”

Well, we cannot agree more with the RRR actor, for a good cinema in any language is received with love and appreciation from every part of the country.

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