Vinod Bhanushali on music at T-Series, "Our aim is not only to entertain audiences but also to make sure that powerful talent gets a platform".

India’s giant music label T-Series has always provided the music industry with the best song from classical music to bhajans to trendy pop sensations. Founded in 1983, the company is now ruling the industry and many people have contributed their bit in transforming a budding music label into a massive platform. One such name is the President of Super Cassettes Industries Limited a.k.a T-Series – Vinod Bhanushali.

Vinod Bhanushali has provided more than 25 years of his life for the growth of T-Series where he was trained by his mentor late Gulshan Kumar for the first four years. Later on, Mr. Bhanushali worked very closely with Bhushan Kumar as a core team member and since then, he has been an integral part of the roller-coaster journey of India's top music label.

Talking about his journey, Vinod shares, “Even though I am a part of T-Series for more than two and a half decades now, it seems like it was yesterday. I have always treated this organization like a temple and music as my deity. We all have worked hard in making this company such huge and all that inspiration came from Gulshanji. He always provided opportunities to the newcomers, and walking in father’s footsteps Bhushanji also holds a similar passion for music and he too encourages the new talent in the industry and at times works harder than us.”

He further adds, “The day I joined T-Series, I have learned to respect and accept one's talent, and hence we as a company further believe in providing opportunities to everyone who deserves it. Even if this is an entertainment company, our aim is not only to entertain audiences but also to make sure that powerful talent gets a platform so that the Indian music industry keeps shining. We believe that there is a responsibility attached to us of giving chances to new people, especially in the music industry, just like we had gotten a chance from someone. It is important to seek freshness while paying respect and homage to the classical.”

We have grown up listening to the songs produced by T-Series now but never met the people behind the curtains. Vinod Bhanushali is one such gem who entertained us with his knack for rich and soulful music.

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