"Theatre has so much to explore," says Rajeshwari Sachdev on her experience with Zee Theatre's Double Game!

Theatre productions may not have the large-scale budgets of a star-studded film, but its rewards are aplenty in its resounding applause. This is perhaps why many actors find themselves circling back to the beloved stage regularly, propelled by the sheer passion for the art. One such artist is Rajeshwari Sachdev, a national award-winning actor recognized across television, films, and theatre. The versatile performer is seen at her best yet again in Zee Theatre’s production ‘Double Game’, a riveting suspense thriller about a couple at loggerheads, consistently trying to outwit each other.

The teleplay ‘Double Game’ is a gripping thriller about a couple who are ready to take extreme measures to gain an upper hand over each other. While the wife colludes with the housekeeper to know her husband’s secrets, her husband runs a scheme of his own to get complete ownership of her wealth. Performed intensely by Sachdeva and her co-star Kiran Karmakar the play sustains rapt attention to discover who will eventually win the deceitful double game.
Sachdev has delivered memorable and effervescent performances across mediums but feels that theatre, at the end of the day, she will always go back to. “I’ve always believed that theatre as a medium is the most challenging and exciting of all formats. It builds an unfathomable passion for an artist for the stage and I think every actor who has been on stage develops a profound love and respect for the arts. When I am on stage, I know that the performance I have given in that moment is singular and unique as the next time the rendition might differ as each time there comes a difference in perspective or the challenges of being on a different stage. Which is why I love the experience so much. It has so much to explore”

Directed for the stage by Vijay Kenkre and starring Uday Tikekar and Smita Tambe as well, ‘Double Game’ is available on Airtel Spotlight this July.


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