The Red Carpet of Abominable!

A computer-animated film produced by Dreamworks Animation and Pearl Studio, Abominable premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. We had the opportunity to catch up with the producer, Suzanne Buirgy, who was asked about why she wanted to produce the film. She said, “[y]ou had me at Yeti. The idea of a Yeti as a centrepiece lends itself to imagination and creativity. We wanted the Yeti to be magical, but we also wanted the right person to tell the story. The writer/director of the film was the perfect person to tell this story.”

Photography Credit: Asis Sethi

Albert Tsai also walked the carpet, and we asked him about his ability to imagine a character in his head and react only to a microphone. He said, “[t]he whole point of animation, nothing has been drawn, nobody has seen a set. It is only what you imagine of the character so in that way, you infuse a lot of yourself into the character. I feel like that is very important and I thought Peng and I were very similar. It was very collaborative working with the creative team and Jill, our director. We got to play around a lot.”

Photography Credit: Asis Sethi

Sarah Paulson came up next and we asked her about her strategies in keeping her voice realistic and whether she felt it was challenging to be an animated character. She agreed it was challenging: “[w]ell I did, I could tell from Jill, our director, this was uncommon what I was doing. I kept asking her to describe to me what was beyond the page.  You always want to keep it in the world of naturalism. I wanted to make it as large as possible, which was so different from my makeup as a person. If I was supposed to run, I would run in place. I had to make it very real for myself. I did not get to work with any of the actors, but that is sort of how animation works.”

Photography Credit: Asis Sethi

The director of the film, who initially started off her career in animation, Jill Culton was asked about her journey: “You know, 29 years ago, we were asked in a classroom, what do you hope in your wildest dreams? I just said I hope I could be an animator someday. I started to realize that I was becoming a senior-level person in the industry. I was getting asked to write, and direct, and executive produce. I just feel like now, even though women are underrepresented, I can be a voice, an inspiration for that kid who thinks they can only be an animator.”

We also spoke to Chloe Bennet, who was asked about her experience in animation:
“[y]ou are kind of stripped of all things you think are possible. It required so much imagination and it was actually a very freeing experience."

Photography Credit: Asis Sethi

Photography Credit: Asis Sethi

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