The Indo American Singer-Songwriter Subhi to elevate her second upcoming English single "Wake Me Up".

Subhi is raising the bar internationally, spreading Indian music and culture worldwide. All her songs are related to her personal experience on breaking barriers, overcoming fears and rising above all the negativities the world is in right now.

'Wake Me Up' (link) -

Indo American Singer-Songwriter 'Subhi' @subhimusic who has been releasing her original Hindi singles like Aagosh (Reprise), Cage, Naqaab and Mehfil have released her second English single ‘Wake Me Up’. Her first English single is 'In My Way' which released recently. The song is a part of her EP scheduled to release over this year-end and beginning of 2021.

This was the last song she recorded physically sitting in her Producer Chris .G. Wright's studio. Wake Me Up is the darkest song on the EP. She also wrote her latest release debut English song ‘In My Way’ in real-time in the studio. 'In My Way' is a song about getting in your own way. 

'Wake Me Up' is a very moody, modern, and relevant song to current times. This song reached the semi-finals round in the 'Unsigned Only' Competition this year.

Earlier this month Subhi’s Hindi single ‘Chaand Ka Chilka’ won ‘Honorable Mention’ in the world music category of the renowned International Songwriting Competition 2019. Subhi’s song ‘Wake Me Up’ has just entered the semi-final round for the Unsigned Only 2020 Competition in USA.

A song derived from an individuals’ perspective, Subhi says, "I wrote it right before quarantine happened. During that time we were hearing news about Coronavirus spreading across the world and how it was now in the US. This was during the first week of March. I had planned a trip to LA to work with producers on a couple of songs but with the pandemic taking over USA, I was not sure if it was the right thing to do. We took the risk and flew to LA, taking the utmost precaution throughout the trip. There was a sense of sadness, a sense of worry, hopelessness which was surrounding me - looking at everything around me and how I kind of knew this might be the last time that I’ll be travelling anywhere, at least for a couple of months. 'Wake Me Up' is a song about that time, about the fear of being lonely, about hopelessness, helplessness and trying to find a way to remove the darkness from the world. I say in this  song ‘Wake Me Up…Now…pull me up from the dark’ because  somewhere inside me I am hoping things don’t get worse but  they did."

Earlier this month Subhi’s Hindi single ‘Chaand Ka Chilka’ won  ‘Honorable Mention’ in the world music category of the renowned  International Songwriting Competition 2019. Subhi’s song ‘Wake  Me Up’ has just entered the semi-final round for the 'Unsigned Only' 2020 Competition in USA.  

Delhi-Chicago based Indie Pop Singer-Songwriter Subhi shot & released her singles 'Cage', 'Mehfil' and 'Naqaab' during the lockdown. She combines the worlds of Hindi folk and American pop to create a captivating sound that is poetic and contemporary.

Her songs have appeared on SXSW’s official playlists, Spotify’s official curated playlists and on NPR. She has performed at SXSW Music Festival, The Kennedy Center, spoken and performed at TEDx Naperville, Talks At Google and Facebook. ABC Chicago showcased Subhi’s musical journey on their Emmy award-winning show Asian Influences, and she is a proud recipient of the 2019 & 2020 Individual Artist Program cultural grant awarded by the City of Chicago. Last year, Subhi was nominated as 'Best Asian Entertainer 2019' by the Chicago Music Awards. Her debut album Shaitaan Dil (Naughty Heart) co-presented by The Jazz Institute of Chicago, released in August 2018 and received much appreciation for its authentic sound and storytelling. She has worked with leading digital platforms Y- Films (Yash Raj Films) and TVF (The Viral Fever) in India. Her song 'Lovely' was recently featured in the short film 'Sunny Side Upar' produced by the prominent producer & director Anurag Kashyap. The film is now a part of an Anthology of short films that Sikhya Entertainment has curated and released on Flipkart Video platform.

The original independent song is now available on all audio streaming platforms. The video premiered live on Subhi’s official YouTube channel.

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