Sheykhar Ravjiani's much awaited non-film Hindi pop song Rang was shot in a record breaking 20 minutes!

The hit record singer-composer Sheykhar Ravjiani has recently been in the news for his much-awaited song, Rang. Rang marks the singer-music directors foray into the world of non-film Hindi pop music and the teasers are proof of how soulful it promises to be! 

Interestingly, Rang is lyrically written from a girl's perspective in the traditional language of Brij Basha and it stars the super talented Aishwarya Radhakrishnan and Upasana Madan with lyrics by Priya Saraiya. What stands out is the the musical maestro shot the entire video in a record breaking 20 minutes! Set against the backdrop of old Colaba, Mumbai, it was imperative to complete the shot against twilight time and the team successfully managed to do so! Speaking on the shoot, Sheykhar says "While composing the song, I could vision a beautiful video set against the iconic location of Colaba during twilight. To capture the right lighting we only had the time frame of 20 minutes to complete the shoot from start to finish and it is truly commendable on how the team delivered in record time! When you see the video, you will surely know why capturing twilight was important to lend the right feel and vibe for the song." 

Directed by the national award winning director, Ravi Jadhav and presented by the South Asian label, Sufiscore, Rang releases on 29th November.


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