Priyanka Chopra Jonas opens up about the audiobook version of her autobiography!

As you all know, Priyanka Chopra is now a published author and is all set to convert her memoir Unfinished into an audiobook. Talking about the process of the same, Priyanka recently opened up about the whole process.


She said, "Yes, I have already completed the recording. I did this in London, during the most recent lockdown (seems to be a common thread with my book) and so I did this alone, in a makeshift studio set up in my home. So, it was just me basically doing this alone with no one else around. It just added to the overall experience…. Which was surreal to say the least. It almost felt like I was narrating my story to a close friend… it was intimate and personal. It also made the whole prospect of the upcoming release so real." 

How Interesting Priyanka!

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