Population Foundation of India Launches "Himmat Hai Toh Jeet Hai".

As the country tries to slowly recover some semblance of normalcy even in the face of rising COVID-19 cases and an economic downturn, the Population Foundation of India (PFI) has launched a campaign titled ‘Himmat Hai Toh Jeet Hai’ to celebrate himmat, and fortitude that Indians have but will need much more of. The anthem is about stories of everyday courage and hope displayed by ordinary people who rose to the occasion.  The two-month campaign was kickstarted with a catchy and inspirational anthem that released earlier today.

You can watch the anthem here:

With powerful lyrics that speak of jeet (victory) over challenges faced due to the pandemic, the anthem features a cross-section of society impacted. It reinforces the need for India to stay strong: To Win.

PFI is launching the Himmat campaign to reinforce people’s sense of unity to emerge stronger together out of this pandemic. The campaign is guided by renowned film and theatre director Feroz Abbas Khan. Khan is PFI’s Creative Advisor and has directed the flagship trans-media edutainment show Main Kuch Bhi Kar Sakti Hoon. STCH Integrated Marketing Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is the creative agency that has partnered with Population Foundation of India to create and produce this anthem and campaign.

Poonam Muttreja, Executive Director, Population Foundation of India adds, “We need masks, physical distancing and hand-washing to stay safe. Along with that what we really need going forward is Himmat and Haunsla, that is fortitude and stamina to be able to steer the course and handle this with dignity. Our anthem, Himmat Hai to Jeet Hai is the chorus of our lives as India steels up to face the challenges ahead. Our anthem is in tune with the resolve and solidarity which will make 1.3 billion of us come together as one from this pandemic. Hear it, sing it and share it; as it is only when each of us, especially the most vulnerable are helped in this difficult time that we will all emerge stronger and safe. The Population Foundation's mantra, dedicated to the people of India, is Himmat Hai To Jeet Hai.”

Creative advisor, Population Foundation of India, Feroz Abbas Khan says, “The pandemic is here to stay, but we cannot live in a perpetual lockdown. Facing our fears and moving forward with precautions in place is critical for our communities. Himmat Hai Toh Jeet Hai is an effort to reinforce people’s sense of unity to emerge stronger together out of this pandemic.”

For STCH says “’Himmat Hai Toh Jeet Hai’ campaign for Population Foundation Of India is not just an assignment, we believe in the cause and the organisation. And as a communications agency, we feel that when the times are tough it is imperative to lead from the front. This particular campaign gave us an opportunity to give hope and happiness back to the lives of millions who are ready to get back control of their lives. Population Foundation of India has been impacting lives for many decades and we are truly happy to partner with them for this movement that is dedicated to every life that has been impacted during these challenging times.”

Apart from the anthem, the two-month campaign Himmat Hai Toh Jeet Hai will celebrate real stories of courage and fortitude exhibited by people across society from frontline workers to COVID survivors. PFI has engaged deeply with creative and design partner to build a campaign that resonates with people, is mindful of their strengths and the unprecedented challenges they face.

In the early stages of the pandemic, PFI supported MyGov India, a citizen engagement platform of the Government of India and multiple State Governments in carrying out emergency risk communication. PFI produced, created, and curated educational material on masks, steps to stay safe, myth busters on COVID and social distancing under #TogetherAgainstCOVID.

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