Panorama Spotlight and Twister Entertainment bring Cheer Haran, the unseen side of riots!

New film announcement: Cheer Haran - a daring expose into the Jaat Reservation Andolan and the human and inhuman side of the riots.

Directed by Kuldeep Ruhil, this hard-hitting documentary unmasks the heinous violence that erupted during 'Jaat Reservation Andolan’ in Haryana in 2016.

In February 2016, Haryana was hit with a major crisis when all of a sudden, a peaceful reservation agitation escalated to unexpected violence; from a reservation protest, it turned into ugly caste riots. Law and order collapsed and stone-pelting and arson destroyed properties worth hundreds of crores. The most disturbing fact was the loss of innumerable young lives and hundreds being imprisoned.

It turned into a media circus with the pouring reports of women being gang-raped by mobs during the riots. All kinds of unspeakable rumours were being circulated to make the situation worse. Was it all true, misinformation or fake news?

According to the makers, Cheer Haran is a humble attempt to discover the reasons behind the protests and elements that triggered the violence. The film goes into the causes and repercussions to alert the society about such conflicts.

Director Kuldeep Ruhil said, “Cheer Haran is an attempt to understand and dissect the mechanism of any violent human conflict.”

The film's first poster was released all over the social media by the team today. Presented by Panorama Spotlight and produced by Twister Entertainment, the film will hit the cinemas in North India on January 29th. It is a Panorama Studios Distribution release.

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