More than a decade of introspection: Tanushree Dutta

When we first saw Tanushree Dutta, she had just come into the walks of Bollywood and dazzled us with her looks and dance moves in various films. Today, Tanushree Dutta still enjoys acting and dancing, but she seems more at peace with herself and the world. A large part of that is her focus on spirituality and meditation, and how she shuts out negativity in today’s day and age. From discussing social media detox to being an inspiration, Tanushree Dutta shares all about her journey of self-inquiry and focus.

You have been discussing spirituality and meditation recently. In a time and space that is filled with social media and constant spotlights on negativity, how do you maintain your focus? 

For me the advantage is that I started meditation and spirituality way before I got into social media so I can disconnect from it very easily.  It has been more than a decade of self-inquiry, introspection and focus on the spiritual dimension of life. I have lived and breathed this lifestyle almost all my life in parallel to my career as a model and movie actress.  I have had professional coaching to learn various techniques of meditation and experienced different spiritual paths during this time so it has now become a sort of a habit and easy access without much effort.  

But for those who are new to it or want to imbibe and discover this dimension in their life but struggle with focus, it would benefit to do a complete social media detox once a month just for a weekend and take professional training in the art of meditation and conscious focus.  Perhaps dive deep into a spiritual path with an authentic teacher and coach.

What does spirituality do for you? Especially during a day or an instance of challenging times?

We are spirit beings having a human experience.  So spirituality, faith and meditation enhance that experience and make it more pleasant and harmonious if we want it to be.  It enables me to face these challenges with equanimity and gives me emotional strength to carry on with life despite the challenges and overcome them.

This world is transient and so my spirituality gives me a sense of having a solid foundation in times where I don’t know what in life I'm heading towards.  It helps me keep it real in a world that is increasingly becoming very assuming, superficial and disconnected in the spirit.

You spoke at Harvard University earlier this year. Could you tell us about that and what you discussed? What were your takeaways from the conference?

I was part of two panels.  One was on the #metoo and women empowerment and the other was on internalised misogyny in society.  Both panels discussed the topics on current day relevance and it was a wonderful and very prestigious opportunity to be able to represent India at such an esteemed platform in the US.

Can you tell us about your project on Ullu? 

The Ullu app project was a social service initiative to spread awareness on the exploitation of new talent in any given industry and how the mindset needs to shift to create awareness so that young people without any background or support don’t fall into such trappings of fame.  Being a long term observer of people and having experience in media and life in general, I felt it was my duty to warn and help newcomers and young people navigate their lives and dreams in a safe way.

Today, what is the motto you live by?

Same as I always have; Live and let live…Love and be loved! I'm a peaceful and generous person who has a sense of goodwill towards this existence. I have a completely non-judgmental attitude towards anyone and anything.  I wish some of this attitude I'm able to rub off on others instead of the other way around!

What can we expect from you in the future? Where do you want to see yourself in five years?

I definitely want to keep modelling, acting, dancing and singing as it gives me an outlet for my creative instincts and I enjoy it too.  Along with that I want to share everything that I've learnt, observed, realised in life for the benefit of others. I want to share my personal insight and spirituality to make this world a better place.  I have suffered the brunt of this fallen world and I want to help lift and elevate it up instead of feeling sorry for myself and my losses. There are many who look up to me as inspiration and I want to keep being that and more in times to come.

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