Mantra Mugdh: "This is the restart process of nature"

He is an actor, director, producer, voice-over artist and more. One can imagine only what someone as multi-faceted as him is doing during the Covid-19 lockdown worldwide and in India. We catch up with him to see what he's been up to and what he wants to do first, once all of this is behind us.

If there is one person who will keep himself busy during this lockdown, it would be you. Tell us about your podcast and the people engaging in it. 

I am spending most of my lockdown time creating audio shows for the growing audience of the podcast medium. I have some of the most popular audio dramas on different portals which have been produced by my channel MnM Talkies. People are continually joining the audio world as it engages your mind more than visuals.
What has been your biggest learning lessom in the past two months?

Biggest learning has been that learning should never stop.  Everyday brings new opportunities to learn. And this lockdown has given a lot of time to people to look within.

You wear so many different hats. Which one are you missing wearing the most and why?

I miss being on stage. To perform live in front of an audience. I'm not sure when will that happen again. But I'm sure it will.

What is the first thing you are doing once there more sustained stability in relation to Covid-19?

To start seeing the world again. And I am sure that will happen soon. This is the restart process of nature. And maybe it's necessary.

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