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The sensational hit, Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety, doesn’t necessarily come as a surprise to anyone. At the same time, the fact that the film has emerged as one of the biggest hits of recent times, does do wonders for the lead actors in the film, including Kartik Aaryan.  Most well-known for his monologues in Pyaar Ka Punchnama and the subsequent installment of the film, Kartik Aaryan used to always be asked to repeat those dialogues when met by his fans.

While many would see this as a source of pride, it could get old pretty fast. As I sat down to speak to Kartik over the phone, I knew it would be a fun interview, just like the last time we spoke, but I wondered if he still loved his monologues – “See, the thing is that there are few actors in the industry who have a certain dialogue or an image to be attached to them. I’m lucky that in such a short time, I got the opportunity to perform a dialogue like that, which automatically gave me an image. People do ask me to do the monologue – I don’t regret it at all. I like entertaining them. That’s the basic idea. I think performing in front of them, whether a monologue, or a scene, or an image attached to me, it is working for me. I will work to continue that – but I like the tags attached to my name – Monologue King or Romantic Hero, I enjoy and relish those tags. I don’t want to change anything.”

Part of that success has come from being with the same team for so long that the chemistry is palpable between them, whether on screen or off – Luv Ranjan, and of course, Nushrat Bharucha. It’s interesting because Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety is similar in terms of theme as well, but different at the same time. I ask Kartik if the chemistry is really a pure friendship off screen. “My career started with Luv sir, who is the director of my first film – it was both of our debuts. The kind of relationship I share with him is something I can never explain. He has seen me since I was a baby, as one would say. He has then seen me in adulthood. He is like a brother to me. He is a very chilled out guy – so are my co-actors, so it is a great vibe on set.”

But the banter between the actors is also palpable – is the banter a side effect of the roles they have played? Kartik chuckles and talks about the fact that when you know someone for so long, it is natural that you will know what to do to make the banter happen: “If you work together for so long, it is bound to happen that you will know how the other person will react to whatever you are saying. And they will also know about you in the same way. There is no side effect to it – I love working with everyone, not just the actors, but starting from the makeup artist, the technical team, the director of photography, everyone has been repeated. They have all worked together as a family, as a unit, from before. There is no side effect necessarily but we just know more about each other – and know what is happening in each other’s minds. There is a stronger point because we know how to react to each other for the better of the film.”

Of course, I have to explore whether Kartik has gone through something similar in his own personal life, where his friend was involved with a girl that impacted his friendship. Kartik laughs and responds, “[n]ot to the same level. But yeah, I had a friend who had a girlfriend, who is his wife now actually – who didn’t like me initially. I was totally against them and she was totally against me. I have been in situations where friends who are really close spend a lot of time together; once there is a romantic relationship, that time is now shared. That has happened with me.”

Given his roles and his popularity from these roles, including the latest, SKTKS, one wonders if he can even relate to some of the things his characters think and say. He responds, “[b]asically when I’ve been doing all of my characters, I have to do a lot of workshops, which can go on for three months, six months…for Pyaar Ka Panchnama, I did it for a year. So whenever I do the workshops, I try to become that character and act like that character in my real life. That helps me relate to the character – because I am behaving like that character, it becomes relatable to me. It is a mixture of my own character and that character that have been amalgamated for me. If they are not relatable, I make them such (chuckles).”

But doesn’t it become difficult…I ask him about a tidbit he said during the promotions of the film that there are times people actually think he thinks like the characters he portrays on screen. Kartik says that people actually turn to him for relationship advice - “People actually thought I knew a lot about relationships and women generally. I would get fan mail, where people would ask me problems about their relationships. (Laughs) – I used to think, what is happening? Like, it is meant as a good gesture but I never thought people would be asking me to solve their relationship problems. I never thought that girls may want to marry me, even after those films – they think I know relationships well.”

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