Jannat girl Sonal Chauhan remembers Singer KK says, "A voice that perhaps means a little more to me than the others".

The celebrated and acclaimed singer KK passed away in Kolkata after a concert. The singer was 53 and complained of illness on May 31 following which, he was rushed to the hospital where he was declared dead on arrival. His passing away left the entire nation in shock and mourning with condolences pouring in for his family from the audience and celebrities alike. 

KK’s music was unparalleled. A few of his songs from Emraan Hashmi and Sonal Chauhan's movie Jannat were a massive hit. Be it Zara Sa or Haan Tu Hai, KK's melodious voice was perhaps one of the major contributors to the film's success. Expressing her grief Sonal Chauhan posted on her social media account, “A voice that perhaps means a little more to me than the others. A voice that introduced me to the world that defines me. A voice that perhaps is the reason why the country fell in love with Zoya. And a voice that I later got the honour to collaborate with (kaise bataun tujhe) Everytime KK sir touched my life , he created magic. And that was his gift. His magic went beyond the physical boundaries and touched millions of souls. KK sir you’ll always be special to me. Thank you for adding your magic to my life. Gone too soon. Wish you had stayed ZARA SA aur 💔”

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