"I've had enough": Charu Semwal's latest single is a powerful anthem of strength and self-love!

What happens when an artist wants to explore a different side of her talent? What happens when a singer seeks to push the boundaries of her creativity? What happens when Charu Semwal says ‘I’VE HAD ENOUGH’?

A popular and much loved voice the music industry, Charu Semwal pours her vibrant voice into a fresh new mould with her latest single ‘I’ve had enough’. The song is a call to everyone… to love ourselves as much as we love others. The lyrics celebrate the spirit of kindness and caring, it reminds us to never ignore our inner peace and happiness and to say ‘I’ve had enough’ to negative thoughts, people and situations. 

Talking about the song, Charu Semwal says, “This song came to life when my inner artist was feeling uninspired and was looking for a new challenge.  I started asking myself, "What's next?" and that is when the idea for the song began to grow. It's all about taking risks and trying new things, which is what makes life exciting!”.

Produced by TM Music, the song emanated from Charu’s own drive to do something different and unexpected. The entire theme is inspired by Charu’s passion to unveil a side of her that fans have never seen before. 

Founded by Tarsame Mittal, TM Talents is home to world renowned musical artists as well as young guns of the Indian music industry.

Speaking on the launch, Rohit Sobti, Consulting CEO, TM Music, says, “Charu is a creative force who’s had an impressive journey in music and has seen both highs and lows. She has now channeled that experience in her latest song to create music that is filled with positivity, kindness and self-love. ‘I’ve had enough is the first expression of this frequency and creativity, and I am confident that it will resonate with young people everywhere, who are navigating life in search of their own voice.”  

‘I’ve had enough’ will also feature a music video with Charu at her magnetic best. The TM Talents prodigy delivers an electric performance in this vibrant music video directed by Kuber Sarup of Ruminator Films LLP. 
‘I’ve had enough’ also sees collaborations with leading brands such as Tokyo Talkies for fashion and styling, and Redesyn for merchandise. DJ Yogi will produce an exclusive dance mix for the track too.

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