Interview with Akash Goila, director of "Dum Dum Dumroo"

Short films are definitely making a mark in the entertainment industry. Here's our quick chat with the director of short film, "Dum Dum Dumroo", Akash Goila who talks to us about the increasing popularity of short films and more.

1. Dum Dum Dumroo is seeing a large scale release. What has changed in recent times such that short films are such a popular storytelling medium?

I think the audience’s attention span has become less and they need modern screenplay and stories described in a new way with a crisper approach on Web and TV. They are bored of watching repetitive content. It's just like T20 of movies.

2. This is your second film after the success of "Dark Brew". What goes into the conceptualization of a short film; do you see a change in your process from your first to the second?

I make concepts on situations which everybody faces in day to day life. The concepts are purely based on what I see on daily basis and then add dark humor, emotions 
and fiction to it. I am very keen on making films on relationships. I think every film has its own destiny and the process is just different for every film

3. How do you go about finalizing your cast?

I just hire the best casting directors in the industry and then we study the character sketches deeply to come up with the most suitable cast.

4. Sanaya Irani debuts in her first short film, and first film as a lead, but she comes with boatloads of experience - what was it like having her on for the film?

She is a champion, she has the knack of understanding situations very quickly and has got the right hunger to act. She is very sorted, simple, humble and a complete director’s dream.

5. You have more shorts coming up. What is the coming year looking like for you?

Yeah, I have two shorts Restart and Aisle and one independent feature film Abar.

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