Gurbani Gill: Living her dreams out!

A year ago, Gurbani Gill was majoring in Science, dabbling with a drama course; and then she became a part of Dear Molly. Gurbani Gill made her way to Mumbai and made sure to pursue her new dream, one which truly made her feel alive. Here’s our conversation with Gurbani.

Majoring in Science, when did you get hit with the acting bug?

During college, I started taking drama course to fill my required credits. It was then I realized how satisfied I was. I've grown up drawing and singing but acting made me feel absolutely supreme. I didn't want to regret anything in my life so this whole acting thing emerged out. It became my dream!  If we leave our dreams, we leave out the very best part of ourselves. 

Did you find that often you looked to your own relationships with your parents as a reference point for Dear Molly?

Yes, I am close to my parents so during the shoot I stopped speaking to my dad to gain more perspective and contain my emotions throughout the shoot. Whatever I felt on screen was because I had my dad throughout my mind. 

What was the transition like, coming to India? Was it a culture shock?

The day my airplane was landing I remember seeing Mumbai from the top, on one side there were slums but on the other, there were beautiful buildings. I was extremely clueless, just like Molly, but that's what life is. I've grown up in India as well, so adjusting was never an issue. I knew I wanted change and this was the first step. My current lifestyle is temporary, so it doesn't bother me because this is not where I am settling.  

What was the most challenging experience whilst shooting for this film?

For me the initial days were challenging. Gajendra sir is very spontaneous, so it took me a few days to understand that. By the end of the shoot I realized how much he had taught me unknowingly and I am truly grateful to him. He knows how much I struggle in expressing that to him. 

Where is home now? 

I am very fortunate to call both India and America home. That's where I've always belonged!

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