Goofy, funny and all things love! That's exactly Nora Fatehi's experience on India's Best Dancer!

Having recently bid her farewell to the dance reality show India's Best Dancer, Nora Fatehi has opened up about the entire experience summing it up in a YouTube blog. The video showcases the BTS fun, the hardwork that goes in the shoot and the abundant amount of love she has garnered on the show. 

Nora Fatehi took to social media to encapsulate her journey on India's Best Dancer where she took the judge's seat for a month, filling in the shoes of Malaika Arora after her Covid-19 diagnosis. 

In no time, Nora Fatehi amassed the love and appreciation from not just the contestants and co-judges but also the audience, the testimony of which was the rise in TRPs since her entry. 

India's Best Dancer was Nora's first experience as a judge yet the supremely talented performer emerged as an absolute favourite in an instant. 

Giving a glimpse into all the fun and the work of her encounter as a judge, Nora Fatehi shared a video recording her moments on the show. 

The video records the contestants and co-judges expressing their fondness for Nora Fatehi. 

Soon after the news of Nora's exit from the show broke out, fans took the social media by storm demanding her return.

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