Eijaz Khan wins task on Bigg Boss 14 after getting age-shamed!

Amidst all the fights, drama and entertainment on Bigg Boss 14, actor Eijaz Khan has proven why age is just a number. Recently, the fresher inmates were given a task by Bigg Boss to earn their personal belongings. Earlier, Jaan Kumar Sanu body-shamed Eijaz, saying that he looks like a skeleton. And during the task, Rahul Vaidya age-shamed him.  But Eijaz kept his cool, maintained sportsmanship and went on to win the task, proving that actions speak louder than words. While some of his co-contestants behaved immaturely, the seasoned actor’s sincerity and calm demeanour spoke volumes about his persona and proved why he’s come such a long way in the industry.  

In the task, the contestants had to collect balls and gather them in a basket. And during the task, Rahul age-shamed Eijaz, saying, “bhaago mat, umar ke liye accha nhi hai (don't run, it's not good for your age)." 

Ultimately, Eijaz won the task and got all his belongings, including a photo frame of his dogs. Needless to say, the actor is a huge pet enthusiast and considers his pets a quintessential part of his life.

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