Dia Mirza becomes part of a global initiative 'Count Us In' campaign!

Actor, producer and UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador, Dia Mirza joined the global initiative ‘Count Us In’ to help mobilize one billion people to act on climate change. The virtual launch of 'Count Us In' hopes to inspire citizens to take tangible steps towards reducing carbon pollution and asking for proactive, climate-sensitive policies.

For the first time, a diverse coalition of individuals and groups spanning culture, sport, entertainment, business and civil society in India have today announced their participation in Count Us In, an unprecedented global campaign to inspire one billion people to take practical steps to reduce carbon pollution and challenge leaders to act more boldly on climate.Count Us In is being launched at TED Countdown, a global initiative powered by TED and Future Stewards to champion and accelerate solutions to the climate crisis.  

'Count Us In' will set out 16 practical and high-impact steps that any citizen can take to protect the planet from carbon pollution before it is too late. These 16 steps, derived from experts and research at the UN Environment Programme, provide a practical way forward for citizens in every country, including in India.

Says Dia, “Our individual actions could help reduce global carbon emissions. I believe in the power of individual action. Just choose 1 of the 16 actions and help restore the health of our planet Earth globe asia-australiaButterflyDeciduous tree I’m in!''

The collective goal of the event is to steer change so that the world can cut greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030 in the race to a zero-carbon world.

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