Bhumi Pednekar talks about raising awareness on climate change!

Bhumi Pednekar has always been a socially conscious citizen and she has started a much-lauded pan India advocacy campaign - Climate Warrior, to raise awareness on Environmental Conservation and Climate Change. Speaking about this topic, the Shudh Mangal Savdhaan actress says, “We are all responsible for what is happening around us. We are all responsible to protect the climate. I realise that being an actor, I’m fortunate to have a certain following. I know I have the power to keep raising awareness on climate change. I’m blessed that people want to hear me raise my voice about the seriousness of climate change. I have to use my invested following and rally them so that we all can do our bit to protect our planet.”

Bhumi says that she has been a Climate Warrior since her childhood and has been trying to lead a sustainable life for years now. She reveals, “I have been trying to lead a sustainable life. It’s not always easy and there are moments when I wonder if I’ve slipped. At home, I’m like a school teacher making sure that water doesn’t get wasted. We segregate our waste at the source. Single use plastics are a big no in my family.“

Bhumi adds, “We make sure that plastics are recycled. We compost our wet waste at home and make fodder out of it. If I have to pick up coffee from an outlet, I take my reusable mug. I carry my own water bottle and cutlery. So, I have tried to make important changes in my daily life and I thank my family for doing the same too.”

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