"Barkha Sarkar" a feature film by Birdboy Entertainment!

Young director and producer Sumit Sarjerao Patil has carved a niche for himself by producing the feature film "Barkha Sarkar" under his own banner "Birdboy Entertainment" starring Netflix's Typewriter Fame "Aarna Sharma" and Deepak Quazir.

Birdboy entertainment is a brainchild of Sumit Patil who has now produced Barkha Sarkar is a story of an unbreakable bond of family love, without boundaries and one that can conquer all. The film is in post-production now. Sumit is planning to release it on OTT soon.

One of his project named  'तत् त्वम असि।' (You Are That) which is a psychological thriller short, written and directed by him that has been screened in many reputed film festivals and is awarded by India's prestigious Prabhat Chitra Society for Best Short Film 2017.

He also directed India's first-ever digital cooking reality show "India's Digital Chef" starring Superchef "Sanjeev Kapoor".  

He has produced certain episodes of TV serial named "Crime Alert' which gained highest TRP and he was the youngest TV serial producer in Indian television industry at that time.

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