At desiFEST: The Mad Band

The Mad Band - does the name have you intrigued yet? We catch up with Saad Tauseef, who will perform at desiFEST, along with the Mad Band! 


An urban take on the legendary Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan - what kind of preparation does it take? What inspired this idea?


In a usual band mix, you would assume a 5 or 8 piece or other arrangements coming together, but an urban take on the work of the great Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali required a lot of pre-production in terms of cuts in the arrangement, beats, synths, tones and how to put all these together with an ethnic arrangement



The Mad Band - what's mad about it? Tell us about how the idea came together?


The Mad Band comprises of rotating artists, singers and musicians who are part of the Madnetism Arts Inc. who come together as concerts and festivals get planned around the country. There's no band leader, and the band works on chemistry between all the creative people involved in the process. Saad Arif is currently the creative head of the platform who arranges all the music and sets with the singers and musicians.


We chose the name in light of the society finding extremely creative artists eccentrics and their perspective to life very odd and interesting, and in layman terms the adjective used is often "mad" at times.


The Mad Band at this year's DesiFest includes, Saad Arif, Ankita Nandawat, Palak Bhatt Gandhi, Shehryar Ahmed, Anoos Javed, Zeel and Swapnil Dave.



What are you looking forward to the most at desiFEST,  besides performing?


DesiFest is a breath of fresh air in the South Asian music scene in Toronto every year. Not only does it explore all the different genres of music within the South Asian community but sets a perfect stage for the aspiring artists of the GTA so they can showcase their talent and upgrade their performance portfolios!


Toronto barely gets summers, and spending a day outdoors that too in the heart of downtown with South Asian music playing in the background sounds like a dream, but thats exactly what happens at Desifest, so whoever hasn't attended is missing out!



As artists in Toronto, do you find you have enough mechanisms through which you can showcase your talent? 


We often find South Asian events around the GTA which are directed to a certain faith, or part of the community, making these events not too inclusive. the best part about Desifest is that you can see all the South Asian community come together to experience and celebrate some amazing singing and musicianship.


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