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An Interview with Rajat Kapoor: All Things Mulk!

By Armin Sethi Wednesday, Aug 29, 2018 10:14: AM

Mulk has a hard-hitting trailer, bound to make many people uncomfortable. It challenges thought processes and puts you on the spot. With an impressive ensemble cast, I touch base with each actor and bring to you what they think about all things Mulk. Here’s my chat with Rajat Kapoor, who plays Danish Javed in Mulk.


Mulk has a hard-hitting trailer, addressing topics that should make people uncomfortable (in a good way). What made you say yes?


What makes one say yes, is first of all the script. There are not many good scripts going around, so when one gets a chance of being part of a film that promises to be coherent, real and of a certain sensibility - one grasps it with both hands.



You were initially approached for a different role in the film, as I understand it. When did the switch happen?


I was shooting for PARI last September, in which I play a Muslim man. Anubhav saw my picture somewhere in that get up and thought of me to play the part of Rishi Kapoor's brother. I met him, read the script and said, “I would love to play the role that you have offered me, but who is playing the cop Danish Javed? Have you finalised that? If not, I’d like to play that perhaps.”


Anubhav thought about it, and then agreed. Manoj Pahwa finally played Bilal, the role that was offered to me - and I think he has done a fabulous job with it. I don't think I would have been half as good. So it all worked out, I think (smiles).



When you are involved in films like Mulk, what is the atmosphere on the set like? How do you cope with a particularly heavy day? Does it take a toll on you as a person?


Well, a film like this is tough on the crew, more than the actors.  If you are trying to finish a shoot in twenty-nine days, almost without any breaks - and working long hours on many different locations - it can be absolutely draining.

And each time you come out of a shoot like this, you say, “oh my God, it’s a miracle.” Other than that, being in Lucknow for the duration of the shoot, with a beautiful ensemble cast was very pleasant.  Also, when the film is shot in one straight schedule it generates another kind of energy - a very positive one.



With an ensemble cast as impressive as this one, how do approach your own role? Do you practice with them, on your own?


Well, I do not really prepare much - except for growing a moustache and getting it the right shape, I don't think I did anything much.



What do you think will attract the audience to watch Mulk?


Who knows? But I do know this, if they come to watch Mulk - they will go back richer. I feel Mulk is an emotional ride, which could be very fulfilling.


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