Amruta Khanvilkar takes the internet by storm; Becomes first-ever Marathi actor to have her poster on an aircraft!

Actress Amruta Khanvilkar is currently gearing up for her big release with Chandramukhi this Friday and is leaving no stones unturned when it comes to promoting her film. She has taken all the steps to make sure her film, which she has worked on so closely, gets to garner all the necessary eyeballs.

It is now confirmed that Amruta will become the first Marathi actress to have her poster on an aircraft. “Chandramukhi is really really special, not just for me but for my entire team as well. We want to show the world how rich our country is in terms of content that we create,” added the ecstatic Amruta Khanvilkar.

“When somebody suggested this idea of taking our film to a national level with having posters pasted across aircrafts, we thought why not. What if nobody has done it before in Marathi cinema, there is always a first time,” exclaimed the actress.

Chandramukhi also stars actors Addinath M Kothare, Radha Sagar, Ashok Shinde, Surbhi Bhave, and Sameer Chaughule amongst others. The film is based on the life of a lavni dancer who faces an unexpected incident in her life that gives her life a different turn. The film is directed by National award actor-director Prasad Oak.

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