Amrita Rao finally reveals why she said yes to RJ Anmol, and the reason is making us go awww!

Amrita Rao and RJ Anmol have been revealing several unknown details about their fairytale love story on social media through ‘Couple of Things.’ From Pheli Mulaqat to how they fell in love, to the proposal - the videos are too adorable to be missed. After RJ Anmol’s cute proposal story went viral a few weeks back, Amrita shares what made the actress say yes to Anmol and the reason is too beautiful.

The actress disclosed in the video that, “People who know Anmol know he is a real-life hero in so many ways. I started working from the age of 15 and I have met thousands of people in my life and Anmol was certainly ‘different’. At the end of my notes, I knew I couldn't let this guy go away from my life. They don't make guys like him anymore, so positive, genuine and committed with all great values intact. I finally met him at the Novotel parking lot in his car on the evening of 5th November and that's when I said a ‘Yess’ adding that it was my first relationship and for me, it will only get more serious from here on!”

Well, what's more, interesting is that while shooting for this episode - Anmol surprised Amrita by wearing the same shirt he had worn when this special moment took place years ago.

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