Amaal Mallik receives the best Diwali present from his fans!

Making waves in the independent music scene, Bollywood hitmaker & renowned music composer, Amaal Mallik released his pop debut Tu Mera Nahi with Sony Music India. 

Composed and sung by Mallik and lyrics by Rashmi Virag, the fresh single was welcomed with a tremendous appreciation by listeners. 

Mallik's debut was awaited by his fandom #Amaalians across the globe and it released to become an instant hit. At the times that has the audience craving for original soulful tracks, Amaal delivered a heart-piercing song that is being loved by millions. Superseding its hype, Tu Mera Nahi has also become a huge star-studded celebration of indie music. 

Amaal said, “Tu Mera Nahi was a gift to all the Amaalians, but here I am overwhelmed with the love received from them. Not all the singles get so much love and appreciation, I am extremely happy and 
I couldn't have asked for a better gift this Diwali. "

A Sony Music India release, Tu Mera Nahi is composed and sung by Amaal Mallik and the lyrics are by Rashmi Virag. The music video features Mallik & supermodel/actor Aditi Budhathoki. Tu Mera Nahi is now available on all streaming platforms.

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