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Akshay Kumar continues fantastic support for police forces with 500 wristband donations that track COVID-19 symptoms!

By BFFC Network Thursday, May 21, 2020 10:01: AM

International superstar Akshay Kumar’s incredible show of support for the Maharashtra’s police forces in recent weeks has continued, with the Sooryavanshi star now donating 500 wristbands to Nashik Police that can track Covid-19 symptoms.

With the police being on the frontline and helping keep people safe from the dangers of Covid-19, Akshay Kumar has stepped forward to once again lend a hand. 

The innovative wristbands could be vital in helping keep a check on the spread, by providing key data that can help identify if an officer has symptoms or is carrying the virus.

The Nashik City Police recently took to social media to express their gratitude to Akshay Kumar. They shared the following post:

“Superstar Akshay Kumar donates 500 Goqii fitness watches…to Nashik City Police.”

The Nashik Police Commissioner, Vishwas Nangre Patil, has also praised Akshay Kumar for his efforts. He said, "We are grateful to Mr. Kumar for donating 500 smartwatches, which will be utilised by our frontline workers who are above 45 years of age. The data of their body temperature, heart rate, and blood pressure will be collected on the COVID dashboard, which is centrally monitored by the police force. The health and wellness dashboards, which records BMI and footsteps will also be tracked constantly."

As well as this latest generous donation, Akshay Kumar also provided 1,000 smartwatches to the Mumbai Police as well as donating Rs 3 crore to help make testing kits, personal protection and face masks which could save the lives of many in the state and beyond.

Akshay Kumar has also paid his respects to fallen police officers who have risked their lives on the frontline, while also changing his Twitter display picture to the Maharastra Police Logo which is testament to the actor’s heart of gold to go beyond financial assistance and even bring solidarity to the country. 

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