Akasa Singh sides with Vidhi and calls out good friend "Prateek" for his behaviour!

Bigg Boss 15 is getting interesting with every passing day. Contestant Akasa Singh has been in the limelight for all the right reasons. Not only is she playing the game really well but she is salso tanding for the right things. People are appreciating that she is real and relatable.

A recent incident that has caught everyone's attention is Prateek Sehejpal was trying unscrew the lock of the bathroom while Vidhi was taking a shower. When Akasa got to know of the situation, she did not waste a second to call out Prateek, even though she is good freinds with him. All through Akasa was by Vidhi's side. She handled the situation in the most logical manner. Akasa also tried to explain to Pratik in a very delicate and proper manner that it's not right to take the bolts off when someone is taking a shower. This is irrespetive of the fact if a man was inside or a woman. 

In sepreate clips, Akasa is also seen grooming Vidhi and helping her in her own little ways as she thinks that vidhi is not that street smart and is a little gullible. 

Before entering the show, Akasa had said that she is not going to go with a plan and let the energies flow and react on intuition. She has had a great run so far and everyone in the show almost loves her. More importantly the audience loves her. She puts her points rightfully and she doesn't shy away from taking a stand. She doesn't play referee. She is either black or white. That's the best thing that people like about her and adore her. Akasa is always seen as someone who comes first to help anyone whether it is Vidhi or Afsana or anyone else. So all is well that ends well there. 

We are not going to miss out on any of Akasa's prime time entertainment. We love you girl and we are all with you.

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