Aditya Narayan to headline in Vibrant Brampton Festival - July 14th & 15th!

Be there at Garden Square in Downtown Brampton on July 14 and 15 as people from all walks of life come together to celebrate multiculturalism and Canada’s 150th birthday. Vibrant Brampton brings to you a free, fun event that includes art, music, dance, food and festivities.

Organized by the non-profit group Arts and Culture Initiative of South Asian (ACISA) Vibrant Brampton is back for the second time, bringing a fun-filled two-day festival, in Garden Square in front of the Rose Theatre. ACISA is also presenting a week long visual arts festival from July 9 to 15 at Beaux-Arts Brampton. Titled Visuals Initiative of South Asia (V.I.S.A) – Visual Arts Festival, the event will showcase local and international artists with the theme being Creative and Cultural Celebrations.

The Visual Arts Festival includes workshops and a public art project. The workshop will be conducted by Soumitra Dasgupta from New Delhi India. With a career spanning poetry, advertising, writing and film making, Soumitra’s varied exposure is reflected in the rather vibrant and revolutionary rendition of his subject. Soumitra has always been an emotionally charged painter, with a deep rooted association and sense of belonging with the Indian heartland. His biggest exploration is through his paintings charged with his own spiritual impetus.

The public art project will be an exciting opportunity for all community members to leave their mark by adding their creative brush strokes in a mural facilitated by Aparna Rangnekar, a professional muralist on July 14-15, 2017 at the Brampton Garden Square.

Vibrant Brampton includes an exciting lineup of artistes that will appeal to all – young and the young-at-heart. From upcoming local stars to well-known names in the entertainment industry, the festival aims to promote cross-cultural understanding with the hope of bringing a diverse community together in celebration of life, culture, art and tradition. Dance to the beats of Bollywood or sway to the diverse music from India Spain, Ukraine, Philippines or Canada, get a taste of the mouth-watering cuisine from South Asia, Middle East or Europe or buy a souvenir, it will be a day to remember.

Artistes include:

  • Aditya Narayan the headline performer all the way from Bollywood

  • Anita Lerche from Denmark

  • Mallika Jyoti from Punjab, India

  • Raghav from Calgary, Alberta

  • Over 150 more dancers and performers


Mark your calendar and stay tuned as an exciting lineup of events are revealed in the weeks to come. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat @VibrantBrampton and Twitter @VibrantAcisa. Visit for more information.


About ACISA: A non-profit organization promoting cross cultural understanding with the aim to bringing a diverse community together in celebration of life, culture, art and tradition. Our purpose it to promote the diversity of South Asian art forms, break cultural barriers, imbibe the evolving cultural values of Canada and communicate and share the philosophy of diversity.


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