A Quarantine Q & A with Mugdha Godse

In 2008, I saw Fashion and immediately, Mugdha Godse drew my attention. Her ability to play a bold yet vulnerable role caught everyone’s attention. I ask her today, what her first memory is of that film and if there were any learning lessons. Mugdha says the whole film was a learning curve and, “its success taught me many things. Every good role is made for someone special and I understood that it’s very vital for a film to work! Being part of good projects has been my practice since then...”

Of course, the natural follow up to that is how she selects her projects, to which she replies, “whatever I’m comfortable doing and enjoy reading, I take up!” 

Naturally, her film this year comes to mind, Fauji Calling, which also stars Sharman Joshi. Mugdha explains, “I am playing a small part in the film, a film which is about a soldier's family and their journey.”

While we know she has Fauji Calling this year, how she is dealing with the current lockdown situation is something we start to explore. Many are stuck in one place, away from their loved ones. Those who have followed the actor for some time know that going to Pune has always been a part of her life and visiting family has been an outlet for her. She says, “thanks to technology, we video call, message each other on WhatsApp and stay in touch in that way. Right now, staying safe is key.”

And what about her headspace, what is that like currently? How is she keeping those creative juices flowing, I ask. She answers, “my headspace is to keep on going with the flow...These are trying times, yes, and we are in it together. Health comes first, then work. Creativity is flowing in home, lifestyle, cooking, etc. so basic needs are still being fulfilled.’

Mugdha Godse seems to be filling up her lockdown time with thoughtfulness and an acknowledgement that these are times to come together for everyone. What’s your headspace like? 

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