A new haircut, a new physique, more action and box office success: Tiger Shroff

Tiger Shroff would love to do a role like Brad Pitt's Achilles from Troy. He is slowly becoming a household name when it comes to being an action hero. As the third installment in the Baaghi franchise is already been announced, PRATISHTHA MALHOTRA sits down with Tiger Shroff and listens in.


The third installment in the Baaghi franchise has already been announced even before the final verdict of the film.


I am very happy that the producer Sajid Sir is showing so much confidence in our product. I think that's why he has announced Baaghi 3. I am sure there will be expectations from the audience because of the sort of confidence that we have shown on our film. So that being said, I am very happy right now.



Do you feel pressure about the same?


Yes, of course. But I think there have been expectations right from Baaghi because that film was a hit. The USP of that film was action and we just had to push that further because that's what the audience wanted. Luckily, we have got a great story to back the action. We have a great cast. I can say that we will match up to those expectations and go further.


Working with Sajid Nadiadwala must be like home by now.  Isn’t it?


Yes, definitely. I am most comfortable here. It's literally like my house and Sajid Sir is like a fatherly figure in the industry. 



So, does that mean you would never turn down his film offer?


 Definitely, I have no choice. (smiles)



The action genre was huge back in the day but gradually people started opting out of it until very recently. What do you think is the reason?


I don’t know what is holding them back. I truly believe that action has a universal language and it has mass appeal. As far as I remember, all the mass heroes in our industry have been action heroes. Look what Salman Khan primarily does and in my father’s (Jackie Shroff) time, Sanjay Dutt, Sunny Deol and my dad, all these guys were the macho heroes. So, I think action definitely appeals in our country and the whole rom-com generation or ‘chocolate boy’ concept is a very urban thing. But when you talk about mass appeal, it is films like Sultan, Dangal and Baaghi that definitely do the runs.



Speaking of your contemporaries, who do you think does justice to the genre.


Maybe not to the level that we are doing right now in Baaghi. Varun (Dhawan) did Badlapur, that was fantastic. Sid (Sidharth Malhotra) has done some action in Ek Villain. There are hints of it, but it’s not in the pure action genre and I don’t know why people are still not tapping into that.



You consider action to be your biggest strength right?


Absolutely. I am happy in this space and I am glad that no one is really attempting action. This gives me a little more chance to do more such films because getting the identity of an action-dancing hero makes me feel that I have got some acceptance in some small way. So for me, that's a victory.



So how much of a chance does a non-action film have on your priority list?


I am trying something else in Student Of The Year 2. It's a complete contrast from Baaghi 2. For instance, I am getting bullied and beaten up there. Whereas, in Baaghi 2, I am doing the entire opposite. You know,  I have never changed myself like what I did for Baaghi 2. Completely chopping off my it's grown feels like getting back to normal (smiles). Pushing out myself physically and putting on muscle for the role. All these things were very challenging for my character and for me personally as well. I am very much open to these changes now. My new hair cut was very well-accepted by the public. I was initially very scared about how they would react to my new look. They graciously accepted that and now that has given me the confidence to take risks and try different looks.



Talking about change, do you have any limitation to where you think you draw the line?


I went semi-nude for the torture scene in Baaghi 2. I was not really open to this before this film but the director and the producers sort of convinced me to do this scene. 



Everyone who is an action fan is a huge Sylvester Stallone fan. He was quite sweet to wish you for the Rambo remake.


It was amazing. I couldn't believe it. Before going off to sleep, I was just looking at his tweet for hours for the good feeling. I have grown up watching Sylvester Stallone and here he was writing and wishing me luck. What more could I ask for?



The entire social media is going gaga over your turn out these days.


Yes, I think I have gained the trust of more people. I have attracted more eyeballs because of my look. I am very happy that I cut my hair which has caught a little more attention. Initially, I was very scared to go for this haircut because I had long hair for the longest time. And suddenly, one day I had to let go of them. I felt naked. I hated to go out and used to keep wearing a beanie to hide away from the public glare. 


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