A Bloody Mess: Short Film On An Important Topic

Menstruation is still a taboo topic to speak about. Many women and girls alike find it difficult to talk about menstruation publicly, but importantly, even within their own homes.

Fly Away Films, in conjunction with Think Brown Media, two prominent production houses in Canada, have come together to support Asis Sethi's short film directorial venture, A Bloody Mess

A Bloody Mess, shot in March 2019, features well-known actors in the Canadian community, including Maria-Crystal Melo, Annie Koshy, and Devanshu Narang, in leading roles. The cast and crew of the film have expressed their pride in being involved in such an important short film, that brings home the challenges and struggles of young South Asian women, even outside India, and their combat and tensions between menstruation and cultural and societal norms.


Inspired by real-life conversations and partially based on an interview with a close friend, Asis Sethi set out to pen the script with Armin Sethi, and together, they believed that the story is integral to today's society's fabric. With the mindset of the audience's being so open to everyday stories tackling everyday issues, A Bloody Mess is an inspiring story to open up and encourage dialogue between families and friends. 

A Bloody Mess is currently in the post-production phase and we cannot wait to see this short film on the big screen.


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