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Exclusive conversation with Diljit Dosanjh: Why Super Singh had his legs shaking

By Armin S. Thursday, Jun 15, 2017 05:24: AM

Diljit Dosanjh is one of the few male actors in the industry today who have carved out a mark in both Hindi and Punjabi films, and in the mainstream Punjabi/Hindi independent music culture. This is virtually unheard of.  When you sit down to speak to such an accomplished star, all that really rings through is his humility: and that truly is his superpower. Here’s our exclusive conversation with the Super Singh himself, who talks to us about a particular scene that had his legs shaking, meeting Canadian defence minister Harjit Singh Sajjan, and the fans in Toronto. He speaks wonderful Punjabi but for our readers’ convenience, we’ve translated our conversation in English.



I’d like to take some time to congratulate you – you were recently a part of an interview with some well-known and larger-than-life celebrities, including Amitabh Bachchan. He said that you were such a good actor, that you didn’t require any training. How did that feel?

Larger-than-life celebrities also have large hearts. Everything else, is by God’s choice.



And of course, you’ve been to Toronto many times and you’ve made a mark here as well.


Yes, Brampton, Toronto, when I first came here…when I first visited a country outside India, it was Canada. Toronto was my first city after I left Punjab. The people in Toronto always show love, whether it is a show or a film. I’d like to thank all of the families, the kids, and all of the youngsters who come out to the shows and come watch the films. I hope that Super Singh, which comes out on June 16th, produced by Brat Films and Balaji Motion Pictures, also receives love. It is Brat Films’ first production as well.



It is a very different kind of Punjabi film. You are a superhero. This is completely different than any Punjabi film or character we have seen.


Because it was the first time we were seeing a superhero in a Punjabi film, even though we have seen superheroes in English films (which have a big budget) and now in Hindi cinemas, we didn’t have them in Punjabis. So I thought, this time around, we should have a Punjabi superhero (chuckles).



I saw an action sequence in which you are coming out of a well, wearing a harness – what kind of challenges did you face with the  action sequences?


I had a little bit of fear, one hundred percent. A couple of times, I had to be pushed off the building, like actually. Even then, I was scared. There was one particular building that was really tough, which was in the opening shot of the trailer…you know how you say legs were shaking. My legs have never shook prior to that. I had heard of the saying. But that building was so high that even a crane and its extension couldn’t reach that building. There was nothing in terms of safety except a safety mechanism around the waist – nothing else. If I fell, I would have gotten injured in some kind of way.


I thought to myself, “well, if God is going to take me today, then well, he’ll take me today.” So it will be God’s choice – so there should be no fear. That’s how I got better. Then, I spoke my dialogues. But before, my legs did shake.



Well, it doesn’t seem like it in the trailers.


I got scared and then I shot the scene. I had already gotten scared (laughs). Maybe we’ll show you in the making of the film.



Of course, the poster unveiling was done by our very own Harjit Singh Sajjan. How did that feel for you?


Actually, Harjit Singh Sajjan ji is the real superhero. The film’s title Super Singh, you can call it a coincidence…but my name in the film is also Sajjan Singh. And we didn’t even think of that connection. So doing the poster reveal with him, and he even came to the Dream Tour concern, it was great. All of us Punjabis take so much pride in Harjit Singh Sajjan ji – that a real sardarji is at such a high position. I’d like to thank the Canadian government as well for providing such a honourable post for him. It is such a proud moment of us.




As for being involved with the poster unveiling and attending the tour, that’s his large-heartedness. Anything my elders have ever told me was, work hard, and the rewards you reap are from hard work. That’s what I learnt – the main thought from my family. But the next step to this, I learnt from Harjit Singh Sajjan. That once you work hard, and you reap the rewards of working hard, what you give back to the community is what counts. That day, I was moved that this was never said to me. He has such great thoughts. That’s why people love him. I learnt a lot from him. I hope to continue learning from him.



When you record songs, especially for your own films, how do you get into the character while singing?


Actually, when it comes to films, the songs to be sung by me are never decided by me. I never choose the songs, except for the promotional songs. The director has usually chosen the songs so the story comes from them. The artist should follow the composition of the actual song. I have never thought of thinking like Diljit Dosanjh when singing a song.


What about a Super Kaur? Do you think we’ll see strong female characters in Punjabi films?


Oh, you see the poster – I’m standing, she’s standing. I think I’m shy in the poster. Sonam ji is standing very confidently – that’s the every day woman now. As the industry grows, the subject matters will start growing. Sometimes, the film is about a guy, sometimes, it is a girl. And sometimes, it is about a guy and a girl. And Sonam’s character in the film is great – she is very confident.


Super Singh is the first film we are seeing with sci-fi effects and such sequences. How do you think the audience will react?


I think it is hard to predict what the audience’s viewpoint would be but…I have a gut feeling – that if people like the trailer, they’ll like the film. That’s my thought process. There’s nothing in the film that isn’t to like.






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