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While it is more commonplace now than ever for an actress to don a bikini, it is still news-worthy, given the lack of such swimwear worn in most parts of India.
Saturday, Aug 15, 2015 02:03: AM
Gone are the days that stunts were seen as gimmick-y and childish in Bollywood cinema. Where before a punch landed, the brick wall would crumble like jell-o. Now, we’re aiming for real.
Monday, Aug 10, 2015 11:49: AM
Abhishek first unveiled his rapping talent to us in Bluffmaster. He has since been rapping, albeit not seriously, in interviews and videos but we know he has a passion for it.
Sunday, Aug 09, 2015 07:50: AM
And we’ll tell you why. Sonam is the reigning queen of fashion in Bollywood. There is no argument, no dispute over this. But one of the outfits she does right all the time is the saree. The saree is...
Tuesday, Aug 04, 2015 06:46: AM
The superstar and idol for billions acroos the world, Amitabh Bachchan is humbled by the honour of receiving the Padma Vibhushan award on Republic Day.
Wednesday, Jan 28, 2015 03:47: PM
As generous as he his, Salman Khan keeps doing good for a charitable cause. Now, Salman Khan is taking Prime Minister Narendra Modi's 'Clean India' campaign forward.
Tuesday, Jan 27, 2015 02:51: PM
Has one of the largest sports company hired Deepika Padukone as a Brand Ambassador?
Friday, Jan 23, 2015 09:38: AM
He's an inspiration for many - he worked hard to get to where he is and...
Rani Mukerji is all set to finish the interview quickly because her daughter...
I remember meeting Neha Dhupia some years ago when she came to Toronto. The...
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